Hola, I'm JD

Creating is my passion

I'm a software engineer from Chicago, IL. I specialize in iOS development, and want to be apart of a team who have an everlasting impact on products and how people use them.

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/ about me 😎

Looking to pursue a career in iOS Developemt, or game development. I am also knowledgeable in UX Design. First generation college graduate, with a bachelors from DePaul University.

Technologies I am familiar with:

When I am not coding, I am a either playing video games, basketball, or visting new food places!

/projects 👽

Project 1 GitHub


A iOS app that interacts with the Yelp API to get restaurants data. Then the data is stored in Firebase.

Swift, Yelp API, Firebase, Xcode

Project 1 GitHub

Loteria Card Shuffler

A iOS app that randomizes, shuffles, and has audio files that say what the card is.


Project 1 GitHub

Loteria Pygame

A loteria game, thas uses AI to pick a card, and waits until there is a winner.

Python, Pygame

Project 1 GitHub

PVP Tic-Tac-Toe

A PVP tic-tac-toe game.

Switf, Xcode, Firebase